Elium Prison Escape

Elium-Prison Escape, new date and trailer revealed

A new swordfighting action roguelite coming this February!

With realistic sword-fighting and a medieval setting comes Elium-Prison Escape. Developed by Lone Artisan Games, Elium throws you into the shoes of Jarren Sorengar. A master swordsman seeing his days pass as a weary war prisoner. However time has come to meet fate and find an escape or die trying.

The combat system of Elium will give you the ability to be in first person and 3rd person view, combined with an easy to pick up shooter like control scheme. In addition to this, the game has reactive combat AI that will even use the same moves as the player character, making combat more tense and challenging. With some parts of the game having stealth sections you are encouraged to take your own approach whether that may be turning off lights and sneaking past opponents or simply charging in and taking on your enemies by force.

One of the best features however is that all of its dungeons are randomly generated. Getting to experience a new level layout throughout every playthrough and not getting the same dungeon twice. Also you will have the ability to chose if you want to be alone on this adventure or recruit other prisoners you find to help you aid your escape.

Elium-Prison Escape is set to launch on Steam on February 28th, 2018. No price has been confirmed as of yet but check out Elium-Prison Escape on Steam if you are interested.