Octogeddon finally has a release date

Terrorize the city! With all 8 tentacles! Or something…

octogedden gameplay smashing up buildings with a frog tongue

From the makers of Plants versus Zombies, a brand new game has emerged from George Fan’s crazy imagination. Since the success of PvZ, Fan decided to create his own development company called, All Yes Good. Joining in the indie game craze, Octogeddon, will be his premiere game under the new publishing name, shows a completely different type of strategy game.

The idea came from his participation in a game jam back in 2012 and described it as a game of “anger and destruction.” (via VentureBeat). An angry giant octopus travels all over the world, collecting animal DNA, and uses their special abilities to destroy skyscrapers.

The inspiration of destruction comes from the classic arcade game, Rampage, and even hinted that the Gorilla arm is named, George.

It’s zany, wacky, and completely insane but looks absolutely fun. Octogedden will be released on Steam on February 8th, 2018.