Laser League open beta starts today

The futuristic extreme sport with lasers now playable for all.

We’ve covered this awesome game quite a lot so far, so if you haven’t heard about it yet, well, where have you been?

Laser League pits you against up to four opponents in dominating the arena, capturing and activating laser nodes for your team.  Avoid the enemies’ lasers whilst using your special abilities to hinder or destroy your opponents.  Collect power-ups to perform game saving plays, or finally take out their last team member.

Like all great sports, Laser League is simple to pick up and play, but rewards dedication with deeply strategic possibilities as players learn the complexities of classes and maps. In the open beta, players will be able to gain XP and progress to the highest levels, unlocking customisable items, but progress will be wiped for the upcoming Early Access.  However, all players who participate will receive exclusive in-game bonus items, including the Al Shama OASIS 401 Limited Edition Kit, unique emojis and character portraits.

Three futuristic international stadiums will be available in the open beta, bringing players a variety of twelve maps, each with a different gameplay style, including:

  • Empire Campus Stadium (London, UK)
    • Gauntlet: Restrictive map that quickly escalates in complexity
    • Spin Cycle: Defensive map with perpetual long lasers
  • Geng Hao Megaplex (Tianjin, China)
    • Warzone: Multiple short firing nodes
    • Crusher: Short moving lasers trap players
  • Silvertip Arena (Detroit, USA)
    • Y-Control: Long central orbiting lasers and shorter rotating lasers
    • Prime: Interlocking lasers that allow players to expand control by owning the center of the map

Laser League open beta

International players can join the Laser League open beta by joining servers in North America, Europe, Russia and Singapore to experience this content and more, choosing from six classes – each with a unique ability – in their attempt to dominate the pitch and climb the leaderboards. Available classes include:

  • Blade: Offers a short-range attack to eliminate opponents
  • Smash: Provides a longer-range dash attack, to send opponents flying across the pitch
  • Snipe: Allows players to drop a marker and trace a line across the pitch, then teleport back, eliminating anyone in their path
  • Ghost: Gives players a few seconds of invincibility to safely grab laser nodes or revive teammates
  • Thief: Delivers opportunities to steal laser nodes that have been activated by the opposition
  • Shock: Lends powers of electricity to stun rivals

If you want to learn more about Laser League before the beta is available later today, check out our Interview with publisher of Laser League 505 Games.  From 5PM GMT / 9AM PST today the Laser League open beta will be available on Steam.