The Mind’s Eclipse is out now

Donald Campbell’s debut narrative adventure is out now!

Mind’s Eclipse is a narrative driven adventure game created by Mind’s Eclipse Interactive. The game has already been given various praise for its distinctive art style and exploration of nanopunk themes. The game follows your emotional journey in a fallen utopia as you search for your loved ones. With the help of L, a mysterious companion, help uncover the mystery of the Eclipse and its many side narratives by exploring, investigating log and journals and piecing together what happened to the CORE and his family as you follow his journey.

The interactive developer, Mind Eclipse aims to craft soulful, narrative-driven games that allow players to experience who they could be, and reflect on who they are now. With every environment being interactive you can explore every inch of this distinctively designed sci-fi world.  The scenes in the game are hand drawn, each lovingly created.  The unique, bizarre and sometimes horrific artwork leads you on an incredibly written adventure.

The Mind's Eclipse

The Mind’s Eclipse is available on PC, Mac and Linux both on Steam and If you are interested The Mind’s Eclipse on Steam is available for £5.75 / €7.99 / $7.99. The Mind’s Eclipse on is also available with 20% off the usual $9.99 price, at $7.99 (no prices for other regions available).

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  • Both the concept art and the plot seem hauntingly beautiful… There’s always been something that I loved about dystopian settings in games, and this paired with the fact that the game is supposed to help the player reflect on their choices makes it seem really interesting to me. Plus, the fact that the scenes were hand drawn is really incredible. You definitely don’t see that a lot in games now. It seems like we’re getting a ton of great indie games this year. Another one that I’m really excited about is Nova Nukers! It’s a competitive multiplayer that has a spherical stage/map design. I’ve played games with this kind of stage before, but never in a multiplayer, so I’m really interested to try it out.

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