Cannon Crew blasts its way onto Steam

Co-operative castle defence game Cannon Crew on Steam now.

Cannon Crew

Defending yourself while you are besieged by a never-ending stream of mindless minions can be a rather daunting proposition. Fear not, however, as this game has just the thing you need to make Medieval mincemeat out of your foes: cannons. Cannon Crew can be enjoyed as a single player game, but it’s mainly designed to be played as a local co-op with up to three of your buddies.

In this castle defence party game, your role is simple: man the cannon battery on the ramparts of your castle and make sure that your enemies do not reach the walls, by blasting them to smithereens with your bombardment of regular and flaming cannonballs. In addition to fending off the bad guys, you can collect gold and complete ‘jobs’ which will contribute to your personal score, and so the co-op gameplay does also have a competitive element.

In addition to the basic tower defence matches, there is also a story mode to play through, with different mission types and puzzles to solve. Early reviews on Steam are praising the fast-paced action and the entertainment value of the local co-op – the online multiplayer is not actually ready yet but will be available at a later date.

The game’s creators, WoksOnStudios, are based in the suitably Medieval setting of Hastings, England. They are also currently working on another project called Balance of Kingdoms, a quirky game which involves creating a ‘kingdom’ balanced precariously on a narrow platform, in competition with an opponent who is trying to do the same: it features similar cannon-centred gameplay. All in all, it’s a difficult game to describe in words, so head along to the WoksOnStudios website to take a look.

Cannon Crew is currently on a -25% deal to celebrate its early access release, so buy it on Steam within the next week before the offer expires. It seems Medieval games are all the rage at the moment in the indie scene, so if it’s a theme that tickles your fancy, you may also be interested in Life is Feudal and Shoppe Keep 2, both of which we’ve previously covered on Indie Game Website.