Pantropy gets Kickstarter campaign

Build massive battle-mechs, collect loot and destroy enemy factions.

Pantropy takes place on a post spacecraft, hostile alien world around the year 2100 AD. Cooperative gameplay allows players to explore, gather resources, create custom bases, build mighty mechs individually or with others simultaneously, research new equipment, develop new technologies with an in-depth crafting system (almost everything in Pantropy needs to be crafted). Missions assigned in the game are designed to dynamically react to the player and influence the world around them.

There are no micro-transactions or in-game purchases in the game. Instead it returns to the roots of online gaming where players earn rewards through skill and determination, not dollars. In order to gear up, players must scavenge for resources to craft tools, weapons, armor, vehicles, and buildings to protect themselves from the vicious alien fauna.

Warefare in Pantropy is faction-based. You’ll fight against the opposing player faction, whilst simultaneously capturing resources and defending them from your enemies. There are two player factions and one NPC faction. As you play you’ll gain ranks within your faction and unlock powerful abilities.

Pantropy 2

Sebastian Kaulitzki, Executive Producer at Brainstone Games says of the faction system:

“We added this faction system to reduce frustration and to increase the cooperative gameplay experience for our players, we strongly felt a clear 2-Faction system was not present enough in other games out there on the marketplace today.”

The Pantropy Kickstarter campaign is already off to a great start, with 109 backers pledging £4,248 towards a goal of £66,527, with 34 days to go.  For a pledge of about £13, backers will receive a copy of the game at launch.

Pantropy is expected to release into Steam Early Access some time this year, with a full launch some time in 2019.  We will of course keep you updated with more info as it comes.