Pinstripe launching today on PS4 and Xbox One

Critically acclaimed surreal and dark adventure was released last year.

Indie studio Atmos Games, partnered with Armor Games, launches today its critically acclaimed dark puzzle-adventure platformer Pinstripe for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, originally released for PC in April 2017. Pinstripe follows the story of an ex minister’s hard emotional journey to the depths of Hell in order to rescue his kidnapped daughter. Read our Pinstripe PS4 review here.

With some gorgeous artwork, compelling original sountrack and an intriguing storyline, Pinstripe rises from PC only to a console title with an already proven success. For this, independent developer and the man behind Atmos Games and award winning games like Coma and Skinny (as well as composer of the game’s score), Thomas Brush, joined efforts with the flash gaming pioneers at Armor Games.

As Brush already explained, Pinstripe takes inspiration in stories and aesthetics from productions like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline and Alice in Wonderland. The result is a bleak and visually stunning product with an also well crafted antagonist, the misterious Mr. Pinstripe.


Pinstripe as a project was born through a Kickstarter campaign that aimed to raise $28.000. His supporters awarded him with more than $100.000 ($106.000 to be precise), allowing him to fly higher and ended wih three additional features that weren’t in the plan: an Adventure+ mode, professional voice acting and a bonus level.

“Honestly, I made this game for me, simply as a way to artistically explore a topic that fascinates me. I like to think most people are interested in exploring the concept of the afterlife as well, and would be intrigued to play an indie title about it”, Brush explained around the time when his game hit Steam in April 2017.

You can pick up Pinstripe in your Playstation 4 or Xbox One for $14.99 (prices in other currencies not yet available). It’s playable in seven different languages; English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, and Simplified Chinese. The game’s soundtrack, on the other hand, is also available for purchase on Brush’s Bandcamp website.