Attack of the Earthlings is out now on PC

Stealth and turned based combat strategy combined in Team Junkfish’s second release.

Scottish independent studio Team Junkfish released today their second game in its history with Attack of the Earthlings, a turned based strategy combat experience with stealth elements combined in a story that puts the players in control of aliens trying to defend their planet from the human race.

Previously known for their survival horror Monstrum (2015), the team commanded by Simon Doyle at Junkfish now delves into an interesting proposal that invertes well know invasion scenarios like in XCOM, suggesting that maybe we as humans could be the threats civilization in the minds of other species.

In Attack of the Earthlings players initially control just an alien “Swarmer” Matriarch infiltrating a mining station from a company called Galactoil, through which humans intend to drill and extract precious minerals from a planet called X13. Killing humans and eating their corpses, the Matriarch is able to spawn new fighters to counter this human occupation.

Attack of the Earthlings

The game features turned based combat mechanics with the possibility of combining stealth and planning to prevent being discovered and traversing the different levels of Galactoil’s station in order to get to the top and put a stop to this blood-sucking menace.

Even with a dark premise, Attack of the Earthlings has a comical dialogue, hilarious quirky characters and a main antagonist portrayed by an upper management overpaid and unqualified CEO.

As Team Junkfish promoted through their website:

  • Convert human flesh into alien muscle. Consume corpses and use their biological material to transform your units into specialized roles with unique abilities!
  • Adapt your forces to the situation and your play style. Emerge from vents and lockers to take your prey by surprise, group attack to kill multiple enemies at once, or just gang up on someone bigger than you.
  • Fight against the corrupt and dysfunctional Galactoil corporation. Make your way up their galactic space-drill, consuming enemies, upgrading your forces and, at one point, attending a birthday party.

Keep up with the game’s Steam page in order to get information about its price during the course of the day.