Laser League launching in Early Access today

Futuristic contact arena sport with lasers launches today.

Laser League is a multiplayer contact strategic sport where teams of up to four players battle to take control of the arena and laser nodes that spawn inside.  Tag a node and activate lasers for your team, while avoiding the lasers in your enemies’ colour.

Each game of Laser League takes place over several rounds, and with ten different maps to play on, each with different laser node spawning mechanics, each game feels different and exciting.  Each team is formed from a combination of six classes each bringing a unique ability, such as the area stun attack of the Shock class, or the potentially game changing node stealing Thief class.

Laser League screenshot

Laser League has had two closed beta tests and a recent open beta which have been very well received, and the developers have made gameplay tweaks and balances in response to feedback.  Players who participated in the recent open beta will receive their exclusive skins in about a week following launch.  Developers Roll7 speak of their decision to launch in Early Access:

“We believe once in Early Access we will have the chance to further tweak the game balance, test new features, poll the community for ideas, fine tune Network and Matchmaking elements and help Laser League become the ultimate Arcade Multiplayer Competition!”

We recently spoke to the publishers of Laser League, 505 Games about the future of Laser League, and the competitive nature of the game, check it out here.

Laser League is launching on Steam Early Access today at 18:00 GMT / 10:00 PST priced at £10.99 / €14.99 / $14.99.  The price may change once the game launches fully, depending on the amount of features and content added to the full version.