Roguemance launching today

Fight relationship problems and blue balls in this romantic rogue-lite.

In Roguemance, the new rogue-lite from solo developer Lucas Molina, each battle is a date. Your enemies that you fight are relationship problems, and, ahem, blue balls.

The game is set on a heart shaped island, which is soon split in two with the rising of a volcano.  You’re on a mission to fix the broken heart, figuratively and literally.

You’ll meet potential love partners on your mission, and you’ll get to know whether they are the right one for you or not through combat. Just like in real life, everyone you’ll meet in Roguemance is different. They’re procedurally generated to have their own distinct appearance as well as personalities and abilities.

Also like in real life, each potential partner has their own opinions. You’ll need to make compromises on where to go and what to do, or risk breaking up.

Roguemance is launching today on Steam, and can be played either single player mode, or local co-op with your loved one.