What The Golf

What The Golf? Fig campaign launched

Golf parody ruins golf for fans, improves it for everyone else.

What The Golf? is a physics-based game where every course is a new surprising type of golf, some brilliant or hilarious and absurd. The developer, Triband, has created a new golf-inspired game a day, some resembling a goat simulator and others more like bowling with cats.

Say the developers say of their thoughts on golf:

“First there was golf, then mini golf and disc golf. We present new classics such as horse golf, space golf, and boss fight golf. Hitting things and see them fly is by far the most fun, but why limit this to balls? In the 60’s NASA went to the moon to see if they could make golf fun,” said Triband Producer, Rune K. Drewsen. “Guess what, they couldn’t. So now we are giving it a go.”

The game features:

  • More surprising new golf mechanics than you can imagine
  • Explore all aspects of golf through a humor-filled overworld
  • Epic golf boss fights
  • Made by people who know nothing about golf
  • First (and hopefully the last) game that let you golf a horse
  • Will NOT make you a better golf player

The PC campaign for What The Golf? kicks off today on Fig through March 23rd offering both equity and rewards opportunities, with an overall goal of $50,000 / £36,100. $11,167 has already been donated by 158 supporters. Backers can buy copies of the game, reward based items, and have the ability to invest and earn returns based on games’ sales. Stretch goals add additional challenges, local multiplayer, and level editing mechanics.