Rage In Peace announced

Test your skill and memory whilst dreaming of dying in your pyjamas.

Rage in Peace is an action adventure game that emphasizes on surprise and memorization. The game aims to test the players’ skill, memory, and persistence while telling a story about life, death, and acceptance.

Meet Timmy Malinu, an emotionally numb 27 years old who lead a pretty extraordinarily ordinary live. One of the thing that sets him apart from most people is the fact that he only has one dream. A dream to die asleep in his pajamas, in the warmth of home, in peace, and with no drama.

On one fateful day, a Grim Reaper appears bearing news that Timmy will die today, with his head cut off. But the Grim Reaper did not specify when, where, or what will kill Timmy, giving him one final chance to fulfill his one and only dream.

Achieving it will not be an easy task. To reach his home, Timmy will have to avoid all the traps and obstacles that mysteriously show up to stop him from “cheating” death. From a moai statue riding a skateboard, a pyramid full of weird traps, to a shark that appears from a small puddle of water behind your office cubicles.

Rage In Peace

Developed by Rolling Glory Jam and published by Toge Productions, both hailing from Indonesia, Rage in Peace started out as a prototype made for Indies vs PewDiePie Jam on November 2014. It evolved from a prototype that focuses only on the fun and rage-inducing gameplay, to an experience that tries to tell an emotional story that metamorphosised in the game mechanics.

Damas Putranto, director, writer and programmer of Rage In Peace says of his inspiration:

“After finished reading a short story from Paulo Coelho, I started to realize that I never thought much about death before in my life. Those thoughts, along with questioning the meaning of life and such, become the main idea for the story of Rage in Peace. Basically it’s about life and death from the perspective of people during their quarter-life crisis.”

You can add Rage In Peace to your Steam wishlist now ready for the launch later this year.