Slice, Dice & Rice out on PS4 today

An innovating fighting game that has no health bars.

Polish independent developer Dojo Games, partnered with Japanese specialists at Arc System Works Co., launched today their innovative fighting game Slice, Dice & Rice on Sony’s platform Playstation 4 after hitting PC users through Steam in early 2017. This Mortal Combat looking slasher prides itself of having ditched the classic health bar system to replace it with “if your opponent is cut in half, then you win”.

“Killed or be killed”, praises Dojo Games’ trailer for Slice, Dice & Rice, after showcasing some gorgeous looking graphics and artstyle. No bloodshed seems to be spared in a game where hits are defined by wounds, blocks, parries and slashes. All of this wrapped around a very cool sounding soundtrack that mixes some Jethro Tull’s Aqualung an Japanese classic environmental scores.

Slice, Dice & Rice

As developers described through their website, Slice, Dice & Rice features:

  • EASY TO PLAY, HARD TO MASTER: An intuitive set of basic abilities removes the need for memorizing inputs and move-lists, while retaining strategic complexity.
  • STYLIZED GRAPHICS: Winning never looked so good! Slick, comic book like graphics make the action pop.
  • SIX UNIQUE STAGES: Battle across an alternative version of the Japanese underground.
  • EIGHT DISTINCT FIGHTERS: Choose one of 8 characters, all with their own stories and unique fighting styles.
  • PARRY & CLASH: Blocking is for the passive. Take the fight to the enemy!


As its trailer and gameplay evidences, each fight is defined not by hitpoints remaining, but rather by how each player’s movement has been reduced by wounds and a feeling that every hit can be the one to sentence the battle bringing death to each character. Needless yo say: aesthetics look awesome and vibrating camera movements make this 2D fighting game a good one to check out.

Playstation 4 owners can pick up Slice, Dice & Rice right now for £14.99 and at a slightly cheaper price on Steam for PC players that haven’t played it yet.