Steredenn: Binary Stars blasting onto Switch

Blow stuff up in this fast-paced side-scroller.

Steredenn: Binary Stars, the sequel to Steredenn, is a side-scrolling bullet hell that will be available on Nintendo Switch on March 8.

Binary Stars is developed by Pixelnest, a game developer based in Rennes, France. Pixelnest also developed the original Steredenn and Shmupfest, a game developed for Stunfest 2014.

Binary Stars is a massive expansion of the original game. The new Binary Stars is a side-scroller where you must fight against waves of enemies and dodge bullets. The game has tons of new enemies, new environments, more upgrades, a new scoring system, and five ships each with a special ability.

Binary Stars has plenty of other features, including local co-op, short, fast gameplay sessions, a new boss rush mode, a daily run that gives you the chance to make it on to daily leaderboards, and a boss arena that pits you one-on-one against the game’s bosses.

Check out Steredenn: Binary Stars’ new gameplay trailer.