Botlike: A Robot’s Rampage now on Brightlocker

Collect powerful weapons and destroy your enemies!

Botlike: A Robot’s Rampage is a roguelike shoot-em-up game where you must create new weapons and make your way through three deadly levels.

Botlike, by Binji Games, has been out on early access on Steam since September 14, and has been regularly updated since then. However, the game is now being sold on Brightlocker on the Botlike Brightlocker page.

The game features an arsenal of weapons to create, procedurally generated levels, the ability to collect powerful items and craft them into powerful or monster items, the ability to perform dashes, double jumps and wall jumps, and permanent death.

Botlike is still in development, so some of these features are not yet in the game. In particular, monster items and the final two levels have not yet been added.

The Super Early Bird access key is now available on Brightlocker for 50 gold, or around $5. The Super Early Bird key is available for a limited time, and there are less than 5000 keys available. If you can’t get the Super Early Bird key, the standard access key is on sale for 100 gold, or roughly $10.

The game is also available on the Botlike: A Robot’s Rampage Steam page for $9.99 / £6.99 / €9.99