Onrush new trailer reveals thrilling gameplay

Codemasters’ new title promises some exciting and flashy racing.

Studio Codemasters (Dirt and Formula One developers) published today a new trailer for their upcoming exciting racing game, Onrush, which seems to promise a thrilling and colourful experience for epic/action classic arcade fans.

With this new trailer showcase Codemasters (based in the United Kingdom and formerly Evolution Studios) have set a release date for June 5th on Playstation 4 and XboxOne consoles. 

Onrush is all about the thrill: takedowns, epic acrobatics and action-filled gameplay aimes to catch players by excitement and grip them into an enticing proposal that would appear to be trying to put on a fight against the already successful Rocket League.

Players will race against each other with an ever present goal of filling their RUSH meter, which provides the ultimate turbo boost to perform heart stopping takedowns and gain that last edge to victory. Non-stop action on the racing track is what Onrush is all about, combined with some creatively designed scenarios and matching hype-tailored music.


Each player will be able to choose from a variety of eight different classes of vehicles, going from sturdy bikes to classic race cars and powerful trucks. The latest press release also includes some extras for users who choose to pre-order Onrush:

“Available to pre-order now, players can also get their hands on the ONRUSH DELUXE EDITION which includes an eight additional vehicle designs with iconic gold and black liveries, extra Crashtag artwork and Track Tombstones all exclusive to the DELUXE EDITION. Players who pre-order the game on PlayStation 4 will get early access to the ONRUSH beta before it opens up to everyone on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in May”, stated Codemasters studio through their last news article.

Onrush can be pre-ordered now through the game’s official website.