Space sim Starmancer smashing Kickstarter

Indie studio Ominux Games already way over their goal.

The two-men operation behind Ominux Games has already amassed more than 150% of their total budget goal at their Kickstarter campaign promoting their space station-dwarf fortress sim Starmancer, in which players will take control of an AI overseer after humanity’s exile from planet Earth. With almost $61.000 raised over a $40.000 aimed funding amount, Starmancer is already turning some heads.

Just 24 days after their campaign launch, Ominux Games team, consisting of Tyler Millershaski and “Seiseki”, have already published a demo for Starmancer supported by Windows, Mac OS and Linux, as well as an update for their development plans by announcing the addition of a new custom original soundtrack, the hiring of a programmer, as well as new factions and game modes.

Starmancer tells the story of the human race after their exile from Earth, caused by a huge catastrophe, after with some volunteered individuals had their minds fused with an AI system and launched together with the rest of mankind’s consciousnesses in Arks (spaceships) in order to start again somewhere else.


Players, commanding a Starmancer (AI fused volunteer), will take control of an isolated space station, without knowledge of where did other Arks ended up. Damaged protocols after a seemingly eternal space travel means that we’ll be able to choose what type of AI we want to be: tyrannic, benevolent or a mix of both. Old school graphics designed Humans will strive or die under its control, and try to give humanity a second chance.  

Resource management and production, healthcare, worker placement and base defence from other colonies are some of the main mechanics of Starmancer, an initiative that also promises to reward choices with different consequences, as well as a randomly generated map for each playthrough. Diplomacy and trading also have a big role in this indie space station simulator.

With an estimated delivery date for sometime in 2019, Starmancer urges indie game fans to keep it in mind and consider contributing to its growth.