Birdcakes announced for Steam and consoles

New hardcore shooter with flying cupcakes and candy bullets.

Birdcakes is a randomly generated 2D shooter where you can fly around 6 worlds of procedurally generated madness, while killing the Birdcakes’ natural enemies: flies. This hardcore 2D shooter experience will award the players with great honors after defeating every type of fly, amidst waves of enemies and tough boss fights.

Step in a world of state-of-the-art cupcake-and-bird weaponry. After a picnic went horribly wrong, Pancake the Cupcake desperately tries to fend off hungry flies away from his girlfriend Cherry. Featuring colorful 2D art; tight shooting controls; and fluid aerial movement mechanics; you’ll be set for a wacky, zero-calorie romp through the kitchen and beyond.

Fly through 6 fly-infested worlds and destroy them with Pancake’s powerful candy bullets. This will be no walk in the park however, as if you die once, and it’s all the way back to the beginning; make sure to buy power-ups from the bakery store and get ready to save the (cupcake) world.

Developers Green Lava Studios said of the game:

“After our titles Fenix Furia and Fenix Rage, it took us some years to go back into hardcore platforming games. We are proud to return to our initial roots with Birdcakes and we all hope the community will enjoy this new concept.”

You can play Birdcakes in either single or two player mode. You can also compete in online leader boards and compete for the highest scores. Birdcakes is coming to Steam PS4 and Xbox One sometime this year.