VRFC, a VR football game, kicking off on PS4 and Steam VR

Play football right from your living room.


VRFC is an upcoming VR football game that will be available on Steam and the PlayStation store.

The game, developed by Cherry Pop Games, is the first football game that uses Steam VR, a new way to play games that simulates virtual reality by using a screen built into the headset and responding to movement. The game will also be available on PS4 with the PlayStation VR.

The PlayStation edition uses Sony’s hardware, the PlayStation VR. However, Steam VR requires that you use a third party headset, such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. The headsets that VRFC will be compatible with for Steam VR has yet to be revealed.

VRFC is a first person, virtual reality football experience that vibrant and fun. Be prepared to work out and burn calories while you play. It also features online, cross-platform matchmaking that pits eight players against each other in a football game. Alternatively, you can play with your friends in private matches.

Gemma Jassop at CherryPop Games commented, saying, “VRFC is a ground-breaking game in VR, and March 6th allows a simultaneous launch on all three VR platforms.”

VRFC will be available for £14.99 at the VRFC PlayStation Store page with a 20% discount for PlayStation Plus members. The Steam version will be available at the VRFC Steam page, but the pricing is not yet available.

Cherry Pop Games is a developer based in Manchester, UK that specialises in creating VR games. Cherry Pop Games also developed two other VR games, Sports Bar VR and Pool Nation VR.