Radiation Island

Survival game Radiation Island now on Nintendo Switch

Survive, and discover the origin of these four strange islands.

Radiation Island

A first-person survival game, Radiation Island, is now available on Nintendo Switch. In the game, you are stranded in an alternate reality after visiting a secret military base. Subsequently, you are trapped on four islands where you must find a way to survive.

To survive, you must learn to use the game’s intuitive crafting system, watch out for the local wildlife, and beware the experimental soldiers that now wander the islands.

Radiation Island also has typical survival elements. You have to hunt wildlife for food, build a shelter so you can survive the night, and mine resources so you can create useful items.

The game was developed by Atypical Games, an award-winning team that also brought us Sky Gamblers and Battle Supremacy.

The CEO of Atypical Games, Andrei Lopata, says:

“We knew when we created Radiation Island that it was meant for a home console. With the portability of the Nintendo Switch, fans of the game can have the best of both worlds. We always hold our games to incredibly high standards, and the Nintendo Switch lets us exceed our own expectations while still letting us create a full-fledged experience gamers can take with them on the go.”

Although Radiation Island is now on the Switch, it’s also available on Steam and also mobile devices as one of the only open-world survival games. It previously won an Editor’s Choice award from both Apple and Google.

Radiation Island at the Nintendo eShop is now available for $9.99.