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5 Bizarre Games Available on Right Now

Here are five of’s most bizarre games that we’ve found and played so you don’t have to!

While is filled with amazing, well thought through games, there are some that leave you questioning humanity and the sanity of the creators. Life is filled with random and bizarre circumstances, but these games take this to a whole new level. One can’t help but wonder what the developers were actually thinking when they came up with these ideas! Frankly, I don’t want to know.

So here are five of’s most bizarre games that I’ve found and played so you don’t have to!

For this list, I will be focusing on free or Name Your Own Price games. So be sure to check them out- if you think you can handle them!

5.) Banana Jumble by LOWPOLIS

My biggest and longest irrational fear is the fear of personified inanimate objects, as in things that shouldn’t move and talk, moving and talking. Toy Story massively traumatised me as a child and I didn’t see Beauty and the Beast until the remake came out last year (and I’ll note that Belle’s father sees a teacup talk and decides to take his chances with the wolves!) While most entries on this list have personified inanimate objects this one was probably the freakiest!

This game involves bananas in a shipping crate- except some of the bananas are “rioting!” As the crate moves you have to identify the crazy, rioting bananas and remove them from the crate. You are penalised if you accidentally select a banana that isn’t rioting! At the end of the game, you are given a score on how well you’ve done.

While the idea freaks me out, and it’s incredibly bizarre, the music is quite fun.

4.) Hi, No Homo – Zephyo

Ever been in an awkward social situation and thought, if only I could experience this kind of crippling anxiety without having to leave the house? Well in that case, have a party! Or play this game, whichever is best for you (and I guess with this game you don’t actually have to touch anyone). Hi, No Homo is a two-player game with the tagline: “Now you can experience social awkwardness in the comfort of your own home!”

Using simple controls, two people interact with one another, but given how freely the hands move something can easily go wrong, and often does, leaving the player in an awkward situation. I have social anxiety issues myself, and it is quite cute that someone experienced this so often they decided to make a game of it! This certainly is a bizarre game and it may feel like no-one wants to experience social awkwardness recreationally, but given that this game has sixty-one five-star ratings I guess some people do! The creator claims that they made this game in a day, which is impressive given the artwork quality.

3.) Hot Dog Dreamer – A Hint of Lime

We’ve all had food cravings, but this guy takes them to a whole new level.

In Hot Dog Dreamer, we jump into the mind of a naked protagonist who is in search of the golden hotdog! After talking to a hot dog vendor who tells him about the golden hotdog, which will give him a lifetime supply of hot dogs, the naked man enters a mysterious door (leading to presumably a ghost like part of his subconscious) to find the hotdog and get his reward. The serene music that surrounds you as you enter this world genuinely makes you feel like you’re in a dream world on an important adventure- it’s just that the adventure is about hot dogs.

Honestly, the controls in this are a little broken and the game is a little laggy at times, so I hope the developer plans to do more work on it. (In their defence they recommend a controller, but I played with a keyboard.) But if you really like hotdogs, this might be a game for you!

2.) I’ll Take You to Tomato Town – Adamryu

You know that joy of grocery shopping- well someone made a game of it. I’ll Take you to Tomato Town is a game where you play as a long green vacuum hand who has gone to the shops, deciding to go only a few minutes before it closes. You must find all your items before the time runs out and the store closes- except you have the neediest flatmates who keep on calling you and making more requests! So, you have to run around the store and find all the items on the ever-growing list before the store closes.

The colours in Tomato Town will hurt your eyes, the faces of the “people?” will creep you out and you’ll roll your eyes at some of the jokes. But I have to say I did have fun playing it, and I was surprisingly good at it! Sure, produce was flying out all around the store, but nobody said anything about it, so I guess that’s fine.

1.) Slightly Annoying Traffic – JOrbits

Here it is guys- a game about traffic.

In Slightly Annoying Traffic, you are in charge of a section of city which gets busier as the game progresses. As cars pass through, you must click on them to make them stop/go and avoid cars or trams crashing into each other. For every car that leaves your roads safely, you gain one hundred points. If two cars collide, then the game is over. Quite frustrating really, as the game has no difference between two cars lightly nudging one another and a tram derailing!

I don’t drive personally, but I’ve been stuck in traffic with another person driving and it isn’t fun. Even just driving along normally doesn’t have many perks to it – and I imagine it’s worse if you are the one driving and on your own. I suppose this game is fun in its own little way, but it’s a really bizarre concept for a game and I’m very curious to know how the creators came up with the idea.


With over 16,000 games on, and so many of them bizarre or strange, I’m sure I’ve missed plenty that are worthy of a spot on this list. If I’ve missed one that left you with a strange, confused face, I can only apologise and encourage you to let me know in the comments. New games are uploaded to a lot, so I’m sure a weirder title is on it’s way this very moment!