I, Zombie

I, Zombie infecting Switch soon

Hordes of brainless creatures taking over the Switch.

In I, Zombie you were once a human, like everyone else, but that doesn’t matter anymore. Your sole purpose is simple – eat as many brains as possible and turn everyone into a zombie. Become a leader of your horde and infect all the humans on the map. Whenever you turn another poor human being into a brainless, green-skinned creature, you gain full control over their existence.

You can command your horde to attack armed soldiers, infect helpless civilians, follow you, or await orders. Each scenario requires a different tactical approach and careful planning to achieve world domination. There’s also a built in level editor which allows you to build your own maps and challenge your skills as you like. It’s all about being sneaky, smart (for a zombie, of course), and biting your way through to lead your horde to victory. All set in colorful, cartoon visuals and a comical atmosphere.

I, Zombie has been available on Steam for some time, originally releasing in December 2014, and having received very positive reviews since then. The game will be available on Switch from the 8th of March, priced at £4.49 / €4.99 / $4.99. It’s also available for PS4 and Xbox One.