The Hanged Man launches today

The 2D horror adventure cult hit series The Strange Man is now concluded.

In The Hanged Man, you play as William Morton, a young boy wandering around a town in the snow. As he wanders to and fro, he takes cover in an abandoned building with his best buddy, a mouse named Pop.

Although he hopes to leave the building soon, Pop disappears into the building, leaving William alone. William must now gather his courage and head further into the building, seeking out his only friend.

Along with The Crooked Man, The Sand Man and The Boogie Man, The Hanged Man forms The Strange Man series, and completes the 2D horror series.

The gameplay takes the form of horror-adventure through a 2D world, with exploration and action elements. There’s a wide range of hardcore expressions of violence, which has in part formed the cult following that the series enjoys. There are also multiple endings which offers replayability.

If you’re new to the series, you can now purchase The Strange Man bundle on Steam, containing all four games with a 10% discount for £7.33. The individual games in the series can be bought separately, for £2.09 / €2.99 / $2.99. The Hanged Man on Steam has a 10% launch discount until the 5th of March.