Crest floats down onto Steam Today

Bringing a whole new meaning to being a god!

Developer Eat Create Sleep have officially announced that their new game Crest has launched out of Steam Early Access today! For those who don’t know, Crest is a strategic religion simulator in which players must shape the world by communicating with their follows via heavenly commandments. But being a god is not as easy as it may appear. Are you up to the task of building a flourishing civilisation or will your creations descend into cannibalism.  Will your followers adhere to your commandments or will they disobey and run wild?

In addition to the announcement here is what Martin Greip, Eat Create Sleep’s Creative/Art Directer on the game had to say about where the inspiration came from for the game.

“Crest was primarily inspired by ancient Mesopotamia’s city-states. They had high priests who became kings and eventually started calling themselves gods. I thought this was a fascinating corruption of doctrine-human ambition sidelining compassion and faith. At its core, Crest is an examination of that.”

The world of Crest will see players managing a variety of natural and man made elements such as:

  • Islands – Your followers are always looking for new adventures. Will they conquer new lands, or simply go fishing and return home?
  • Ecology – How will the weather affect the development of your society? Be careful-any imbalances could have drastic consequences.
  • Animals – Humans aren’t the only residents of your world. Crest is populated with a wide variety of animal species, including everything from hyenas to hippos.
  • Terraforming – Literally shape civilization by commanding followers to change their surroundings-but how will your commandments change them?

For those who want to check out the game, you can find it on the official Crest Steam page where it is available for £6.99 / $9.99.