Another World

Another World coming to Switch soon

The action platformer from the early 90s embraces another platform.

Another World tells the remarkable tale of Lester Knight Chaykin, a young and rather talented physicist. While working on an experiment using a particle accelerator, a lightning bolt strikes his lab, causing an unforeseen particle fusion. The accompanying explosion opens a hole in the fabric of space and time, teleporting Lester to a barren, alien planet. Players lead Lester through a series of dangerous environments, battling alien soldiers and wild creatures while solving unique and creative puzzles in order to survive.

Also known as Out of This World in North America and Outer World in Japan, Another World made its debut in 2012 in the prestigious MoMA in New York and was among the first 14 games selected by the museum for having made history. It is considered one of the most essential video games ever made, inspiring numerous video games creators of outstanding titles such as Ico and Metal Gear Solid.

Since the game’s first release in 1991, many platforms have been graced with a release, including Amiga, SNES, PS3 and Steam, where it has received over a thousand positive reviews. The game that has inspired a generation of game creators will be coming to Switch next month.