Cycle 28

Cycle 28 launching on Steam

Momentum-based space shooter launched after 22 year development.

Cycle 28 is a momentum-based space shooter with screen-shaking explosions and a mystery at its heart. First you think it’s an arcade game: simple controls, powerful upgrades, and intense dogfights. But you’re stuck living the same day over and over, trying to find out who the enemy are, and what they want.

Developer Pill Bug Interactive speaks of the long development process:

“Cycle 28 is a love letter twenty-two years in the making. I first started sketching ideas for a space shooter after watching the epic dogfights in Return of the Jedi. I’d doodle on my school books and imagine I was one of the rebel pilots. Not Luke (or Jek Porkins), and definitely not someone in one of the capital ships, but one of the x-wing pilots. That was a long time ago, in a classroom far far away. It wasn’t until I played Vlambeer’s awesome Luftrausers that those dogfight-dreams came back to me, and I finally finished that letter.”

There’s a very interesting community challenge in Cycle 28. Whomever is first to solve the mystery of the game and earns the final achievement can win the golden ticket, giving the player access to all Pill Bug games that will ever be made. For more details or to purchase the game, head over to the Cycle 28 Steam page.