Exorder launching on Steam today

New turn-based tactical game aims to fill Game of Thrones void.

No Game of Thrones this year? Don’t despair, check out turn-based tactical game Exorder in a very nice looking fantasy setting. Queen Beyla is surrounded by sinister plots and enemy armies. Will she manage to keep her throne? That moment when you’ve captured and defended some money-generating buildings, bought a few units and have them well positioned, and it’s clear – you got this. You control this part of the map and winning is just a matter of a little push. That moment makes you feel like a tactical genius.

Exorder puts you in this satisfying mindset again and again. The story-driven single-player campaign consists of twelve brilliantly designed levels that throw you surprising challenges. You must find creative ways to even the playing field.

The fiercest clashes are those with human opponents, however. To be a worthy foe you have to constantly try out new tactics and new methods of resource management. We offer up to four-player skirmishes or two-player ranked battles to show off your skills.

The turn-based gameplay gives you time to think. Which unit should I buy? How do I counter the enemy’s minions? Do I need the teleportation skills of Esprit, the support talents of Seer or perhaps the cloning abilities of Illusionist?

Exorder launches on Steam today at 4PM GMT today.