Swim Out

Swim Out dives into Nintendo Switch

French studio Lozange Lab presents to consoles its chill out turn based puzzle game. 

French indie developers at Lozange Lab showed themselves hyped today for the release of their zen strategic turn-based puzzle game Swim Out for the Nintendo Switch, as many indie games seem to be breaking the console barrier through the same platform.

Swim Out is a brain pusher puzzle game where each action players carry out triggers a move from the game’s AI, making it a chess-like experience that asks almost necessarily for a lot of forward thinking. The game combines these strategic elements with some gorgeous art and chilling vibe that transforms a sometimes stressful genre with a relaxing and mesmerizing tone.

Players will have to combine their planning with special abilities like stunning AI characters with beach balls and unique movement skills offered by different swimmers.

Swim Out

Swim Out features, as the developers noted in the latest press release:

  • Over 100 levels nestled in carefully crafted landscapes, soothed by the sound of seagulls, frogs or water splashes.
  • 7 chapters combining 12 different types of swimmers, each with their own way of moving around, ranging from the simple breaststroke swimmers to the more complex divers or cheeky water-bombing kids
  • 12 different objects to interact with : buoys, fins, water guns, you can even ride a kayak!
  • 6 disruptive environmental elements like waves, crabs or jellyfish that will give your brain a work out until you swim out!

After receiving impressively positive reviews on big gaming media outlets, Swim Out is now available for Nintendo Switch, adding a new benchmark for Lozange Lab, integrated by Ava and Mat, “a husband and wife team who delicately craft indie games and interactive installations with love and passion.”

Swim Out is now available through for Nintendo Switch and priced at $ 5.99 / 5.99 €, as well as in Steam, App Store, Google Play, Amazon Play and Linux.