Explottens will knead the skies in June

Pakistani studio We.R.Play announced the release date for their flying feline adventure.

Pakistan based studio We.R.Play announced today the final release date for their upcoming fast paced shooter platformer Explottens, where players will take the role of a feline aviator called K.I.T and, together with his flying kitty friends, will take on the mission to save the world.

Explottens features a wide variety of sidekicks and antagonists, all in the cat family, each with a goofy personality and a laid back attitude towards the flying and shooting action that the game’s all about. Unique and dangerous bosses await to put K.I.T down and dominate the world.

As stated in We.R.Play’s latest press release, Explottens features the following:

  • 5 Front Guns, start off with the War Machine but oh boi wait till you unlock the De-Atomizer. Pew! Pew!   
  • 3 Rear Guns, wait what a Proton Shield? I hope it doesn’t Backfire.
  • 6 Planes, go Super Sonic and collect the rings!
  • 6 Sidekicks the game has, Catswalker spoken it has.
  • Level up system, we have the system Yay.
  • 30 Missions (with more content on the way!)
  • Mission Variety, no generic stuff here.
  • Difficult Bosses, Smaug *check*, enough said.
  • Unique Enemies, Cats with different hats! *Caboom*
  • Strategic Gameplay, mic drop.


We.R.Play is a Pakistani indie studio based in Islamabad that has amassed a team of over 100 developers since its beginning in 2010. Early works include Relief Copter, a game that brought awareness about the Pakistan floods and the destruction they carried. All funds from the game’s purchases were donated to charities working for the rehabilitation of the affectees.

The studio was also responsible for the critically acclaimed Run Sheeda Run, which was very positively received by the local masses as it touched cultural topics related to their identity.

After 7 million downloads of their products and collaboratios with big shots like Playdom (Disney), PocketGems, Kiwi, Chillingo and Bandai Namco. We.R.Play’s creations include the latest Explottens, Run Sheeda Run, Funny Wings and Lost Twins.

Explottens will be available for purchase on June 6th. For more information you can visit its official Steam page.