Naval fantasy game Maelstrom coming to Steam Early Access

Dominate the seas in this naval fantasy world.


Maelstrom is an upcoming naval fighting game set in a fantasy universe. The game is now on Kickstarter, but is scheduled for release on Steam Early Access on March 11. The game will be available for PC.

To celebrate the upcoming release, Gunpowder Games has released a new, extended trailer.

The game is currently in late alpha, but there will be a special beta test this weekend for Kickstarter followers only.

On Kickstarter, fans have backed the game with over $12250, exceeding the target of $10000. Although Maelstrom is now funded, it has yet to reach its stretch goals, such as the addition of co-op scenarios and solo challenges.

Maelstrom is a first person action strategy game that takes place in a world covered in ocean, where once the highest peaks now make up the only habitable land. The human, dwarf, and orc factions are now at war to lay claim over the smallest slices of land.

Maelstrom features ship vs. ship combat, strategic aspects such as positional damage, a last-ship-sailing game mode, and battles against sea monsters that inhabit the depths.

“Cutthroat” is the game’s main game mode. It’s a last-ship-sailing mode where players search for upgrades and treasure while they try to avoid getting sunk by other players and sea monsters! There are many options, including the option to play solo against the AI, against other players, or play as part of a team.

Gunpowder Games is a new independent game studio, in California, comprised of industry veterans who have worked for Riot, Blizzard, Sony, and Insomniac. Maelstrom is Gunpowder Games’ debut title. Follow them at @gunpowder.

Check out the Maelstrom Steam page or the Maelstrom Kickstarter page for more information.