Automaton to use CRYENGINE in new MMO Mavericks

English studio licensed to use CRYENGINE in tactical shooter MMO Mavericks.


Automaton, the Cambridge-based independent studio behind multiplayer zombie FPS Deceit, has been given the go-ahead to use CRYENGINE for its upcoming open-world shooter Mavericks. CRYENGINE is the signature game development engine used by Crytek, the legendary studio behind Crysis, Far Cry and others. It packs in some impressive capabilities, including the stunning photorealistic rendering on show in games like Crysis, still seen by many as unsurpassed in gaming history.

Automaton’s first game was Deceit, the very popular horror FPS where some of the players are secretly ‘infected’ and able to transform into terrifying vampire-like creatures. Following on from their success with Deceit (which also used CRYENGINE) last year, Automaton now have their sights set even higher for Mavericks, an ambitious MMO set in a gigantic open world with an extremely dynamic environment.

Mavericks, which is scheduled for release in Autumn this year with a closed beta opening this Summer, will be a ‘next generation’ MMO based around a content-rich 12km2 world, with persistent destructible environments that can support up to 1000 players. Its gameplay will place a high value on tactics, and will include character progression and a strong narrative. Automaton’s James Thompson said:

“We’ve integrated SpatialOS into CRYENGINE, and it’s that combination at the heart of achieving an incredibly high number of concurrent players in a high-fidelity environment. We have enjoyed a very positive partnership with Crytek over the last year as our team has been building the incredible technology and game world that Mavericks will be showcasing.

Collin Bishop, CRYENGINE’s Product Manager, added:

“We are happy to be showcasing what the CRYENGINE can do via the exciting work that Automaton is doing on Mavericks, and it is an excellent example of just how powerful the CRYENGINE is,” said CRYENGINE’s Product Manager, Collin Bishop.”

You can keep up with Mavericks’ developer vlog and get information on its closed beta on the Mavericks Website.