Wrongworld 2

Wrongworld gets new biomes, critters and craftables

Early access survival adventure Wrongworld gets a slew of new content.


You’re a teddy bear who has just crash-landed in an eerie alien world. Surrounded by all manner of horrifying beasts, you have no option but to headbutt inanimate objects to fashion weaponry to defend yourself against the creepy critters. Is this an LSD trip gone wrong? A cheese-fuelled childhood nightmare? No, it is in fact Wrongworld, an adventure game brought to you by the stunningly-creative-if-just-a-little-disturbed imagination of Jamie Coles, AKA one-man English indie studio Sludj Games.

Wrongworld is a survival adventure with a strong sandbox element. Your goal is to do what is necessary to survive on the planet, which will include foraging for food and a lot of crafting as you construct armour and make weapons to fend off your enemies, using resources you find along the way.

Eventually, you can if you wish rebuild your spaceship and make your way home. Just be prepared for a bit of a learning curve, as the game has no manual save function and it’s very easy to die at inconvenient times.


Wrongworld released on Steam on early access last year, but this week sees a big new update with the addition of the Radioactive, Alien and Swamp biomes, which bring a range of new enemies and craftable resources such as uranium.

The world is randomly generated with each new game, so this update adds more to an already extremely varied game full of random events, fearsome if rather cuddly-looking enemies, and various quirky features, such as fast-travel by cannon.

Reviews of Wrongworld so far have been overwhelmingly positive with praise for the difficult but rewarding gameplay, the fun and diverse contents of the world, as well as the weird beauty of the colourful low-poly visuals. You can buy it on Steam here.