Dealer’s Life leaving Early Access

The pawn shop inspired game leaves Early Access after a year.

Dealer’s Life is a game inspired to pawn shops, with procedurally-generated items and customers; trading objects is the top priority in order to earn money and get larger shops. Players have the aid of several kind of employees to hire, but, the ability to negotiate prices will be crucial in the creation of a pawn shop empire, thanks to the excellent negotiation system based both on the customer’s skill and on the player’s own abilities. We’ll also have to watch out for forged items, but players can also learn to use them in our favour. Wise choices during dialogues with recurring characters will also be important, as they can lead to different endings.

There will be some changes to employees, with an increase to the available workstations in the shops, and a new ability of the expert, now able to discover hidden features of some objects, increasing their value. Furthermore, owners of the Premium version will be able to hire a new kind of employee, capable of forging objects to make them more valuable, granting the opportunity to grow profits even more.

The game will also see significant enhancements to existing features, with an increase of recurring characters and of the number of times they show up, and the introduction of score rankings, thanks to Google Play Games Leaderboards. There will also be some improvements to graphics and sounds. Dealer’s Life is currently available in English, Italian, German, Spanish and the newly-relased French.

Dealer’s Life is currently available on Android in both lite and premium versions. There’s also a 50% discount on the premium version until the 2nd of April. The iOS version is set to be released next month.