The InnerFriend

Psychological horror game The InnerFriend announced

Canadian Indie Studio PLAYMIND set to reveal their first game at PAX East 2018

Montreal-based independent developer, PLAYMIND today announced their third-person psychological horror adventure, The Inner Friend with a new trailer for Pax East 2018.

The game thrusts players into a heavily stylized and abstract world that plays on childhood fears. Inspired by the works of psychologist Carl Jung, the game invites you to dive into your own subconscious and face your worse nightmares head on.

The game hopes to explore the complex themes of childhood psychology, such as the coping mechanisms often employed to overcome traumatic experiences. In doing so, it aims to invite players to overcome their fears through an emotional and narrative-driven story.

“The idea for The InnerFriend has been in my head for decades now so I’m thrilled to see it finally coming to life,” said Emmanuel Sévigny, founder of PLAYMIND. “Although we’ve all had very different pasts and childhoods, our experiences — particularly our fears and nightmares — are actually quite similar in a way. I’m eager to see how The InnerFriend will resonate with people from different backgrounds once they finally get a chance to check out the game for themselves.”

The InnerFriend will be releasing on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this September.