Mew-genics is still happening

Edmund McMillen took to Twitter to let people know the game is still in the works, although a few years off.

Originally announced in 2012 and subsequently cancelled in 2016 it seems strange cat sim, Mew-Genics might release after all, although don’t expect it anytime soon.

Creator of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isacc, Edmund McMillen took to Twitter to announce the game was still in the works and also added that he ‘may have 1-2 special secret announcements this year’ which may or may not be related to Mew-Genics.

The game aspired to be a weird mix of Tamagotchi meets the Sims with players managing a household of randomly generated cats each with their own personalities and traits to consider. Not much gameplay has ever been showcased so it’s hard to know exactly what the developers originally had in store, but it’s safe to say it looked like something pretty unusual.

On announcement, the game was scheduled to be released on iOS, Android and PC, so let’s just assume this is still the plan. Hopefully, some more concrete news will be revealed soon.