Elea, a story of humanity’s future, coming to Early Access.

Discover the fate of humanity’s beacon of hope.

Elea, a sci-fi storytelling game, is on its way to Steam Early Access on April 24. Bulgarian developer Kyodai is developing Elea, but is being published by SOEDESCO, a publisher of various other indie games.

During Early Access, the game will be available for a reduced price. The game will come out this summer for Steam and Xbox One. The price is not yet available.

Elea is an exploration game in 3D environments. To progress, you have to interact with various objects and solve logic puzzles, but the main idea is the story.

The year is 2093. Humanity is in trouble because of an epidemic that causes newborn children to rage uncontrollably. All earth-born children were doomed because of the contagion, making it necessary for humanity to find a new home. Luckily, an earth-like planet was detected nearby the solar system where a new population could be raised.

Volunteers from around the world inhabited the first interstellar spacecraft. The spacecraft made a successful landing at the planet, thirteen years later, but all communications were cut off shortly after arrival. A researcher – Elea Catherine Jones – is sent to discover the fate of the missing crew, but she’s driven above all else by a personal goal: to find her husband who was on board the spacecraft.

Elea has amazing environments, powered by Unreal Engine 4.

To find out more, take a look at the Project Elea website.