Naval Battle Royale Maelstrom sails into Early Access

Gunpowder Games released its fast-paced, action-packed multiplayer sea combat experience.

Independent studio Gunpowder Games announced today the release of the Steam’s Early Access version of the their naval battle-royale game, Maelstrom. As of today, players can purchase it for around USD $10 with a 10% discount price.

Gunpowder Games is an indie studio integrated by industry veterans that have worked in huge gaming companies like Riot Games, Blizzard and Sony, that came together under the premise of “creating games that are engaging, thought provoking, highly competitive and addictive”. Maelstrom seems to follow all of those as it puts in command of pirate-like ships in a free-for-all PvP or PvE Battle Royale experience with some peculiar and really interesting features like sea monsters that rise from the deapths to feed on the players as less of them remain alive.

Each player will start the game on the outskirts of the map, having to sink other player’s or NPC’s ships in order to collect loot containing powerups, useful items and treasure. Each time a ship is sunk, its loot will float up to the surface waiting to be collected.


“As more players sink, the monster infested ‘Dead Waters’ encroach on the outer areas of the map, reducing the play area and forcing a climactic showdown”, explained Gunpowder Games through their latest press release. Maelstrom was originally intended to be funded out of a Kickstarter campaign that was shortly shutdown by Gundpowder for lack of backers, only to start over and finally succeeding in raising their intended amount of money (USD $10,000).

Gunpowder Games Lead Developer Blaine Smith said: “We’re stoked to finally turn the game loose and see how players react to the monsters and chaos of 16 warships trying to outwit each other, trading broadsides and blasting the bits off each other in battle!”

Players will also be able to choose one of nine ships available before each battle, each with different strengths, weaknesses, and passive abilities. Customization continues it with up to three crew mates offering stat boosts, a captain providing a signature special ability, and a number of feature choices which can change how the cannons work to providing a speed or maneuverability advantage.


Maelstrom’s latest press release pointed out the following features:

  • Tactical naval combat: survive a magical ocean and its deadly creatures
  • Master the open sea: power up your ship with loot from sinking enemy ships
  • Fast-paced action: use cannons, ramming and boarding to sink opponents
  • Aye aye cap’n: Pick a captain and crew that fit your combat style
  • Brains & brawn: positional damage, ammo types, and special captain abilities
  • Solo and multiplayer: AI captains are capable opponents who offer no quarter

As the stretch for additional features continues, players can now pick up Maelstrom from Steam’s Early Access store for around USD $10.