Robocraft Infinity launches onto Xbox Game Pass

Free in-game cosmetic for all players for the next month.

Robocraft Infinity is the first independently developed title to launch straight into Xbox Game Pass and empowers players to build awesome robots block-by-block, share their creations online and take them into fast-paced 5 vs 5 battles with their friends.
Jet cars, tanks, flying warships, helicopters, drones, dinosaurs, scorpions – anything is possible to build and no two battles are ever the same, as you never know what foe you will face next.

Producer Luis Dellinger said of the release and the game’s future:

“After multiple beta tests involving almost 90,000 Xbox One players and plenty of bug fixes, we’re delighted to say that Robocraft Infinity is now on general release. We have plenty of updates scheduled for the future including adding new weapons, game modes and more, but the first thing we’ll be doing post-release is collating all the feedback from players and fixing any issues that arise.”

Robocraft Infinity is available now on the Xbox Games Store for £14.99 / €19.99 / $19.99, or free through the Xbox Game Pass. Additionally all those that play Robocraft Infinity during launch month (April) will also receive an exclusive Retro Pilot Seat cosmetic.