Tower of Time

Tower of Time leaving Early Access today

A bold new take on dungeon crawling.

Tower of Time

Tower of Time is a new computer role-playing game which leaves Early Access today.

Tower of Time comes from Event Horizon, a first-time developer that has no previous titles. Nonetheless, Tower of Time has bold features to set it apart from other CRPGs, such as the absence of any experience system and a groundbreaking Arrow Time combat system.

Event Horizon has monitored the feedback of thousands of players who took part in the Early Access to make it the best game it can possibly be.

Tower of Time is inspired by previous CRPGs like Baldur’s Gate. The basic premise is the same: Choose a hero with different powers, level up, and collect loot. The game includes a slew of features, including 11 handcrafted stages, random loot with millions of different possibilities, quests, puzzles, lore, combat statistics, a class progression system, a 40-hour story, and moral decisions that will influence the future of your party.

The most talked-about feature is the Arrow-time combat system, in which you can slow down or halt time to make tactical decisions. You can choose to reposition, assign commands, or influence the terrain all while time is slowed down or even halted, so you can take all the time that you need.

Tower of time is now available for $17.99 USD / £13.99 / €17.99.

For more info, see the Tower of Time Steam page or Event Horizon’s website.