Dead in Vinland

Survival management game Dead in Vinland available on Steam

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Dead in Vinland

Dead in Vinland, a survival RPG set on a mysterious, uncharted island, launches today on Steam with a 10% discount for the first week. The game was developed by French developer CCCP and published by Playdius and Plug In Digital.

Dead in Vinland comes after CCCP’s 2015 title Dead in Bermuda, but the two games are not related outside of the same gameplay mechanics. However, Dead in Vinland expands Dead in Bermuda in almost ever aspect.

The game has you control a family of four Vikings who were driven from their home and forced to flee by ship. By accident, they crashland into an unexplored island, where they must survive and overcome the challenges that are thrown at them.

The game is played by putting your characters onto various stations where they do different activities. You have to gather resources, craft items, complete upgrades, and more. In the process, your characters will gain levels that will turn them into even better survivors.

You’ll also meet new people on the island and expand your community by inviting them into your camp. Each of the people you meet have their own personalities and their own stories to tell.

The game is now available on the Dead in Vinland Steam page. Also check out the Dead in Vinland official website.