Broken Ground firing down onto Steam today

From the creators of Bad Eggs Online!

Brought to you by the creators of Bad Eggs Online 1 and 2, Bad Viking, comes Broken Grounds, a multiplayer turn-based artillery game. If you were ever a fan of Tank Wars, Scorched Earth or Worms but wanted something a little more modern, you’ll have to check this out. Broken Ground is launching today on Steam for free with the ability to pay for some parts of the unlockable system with micro-transactions. However the developers have stated that despite their inclusion in the game they’re committed to avoiding a pay to win scenario while also adding on that there is “no loot box is sight”.

Rob Donkin, developer at Bad Viking recently had this to say about the launch of the game and the inspiration for the brand new title.

“Broken Ground is the game we’ve wanted to make since childhood. Multiplayer artillery games are the first person shooters of 2D as far as we’re concerned, and we’ve been putting our spin on the genre for the last seven years with games like Bad Eggs Online. We’ve taken all that knowledge and experience and put it into Broken Ground to make a game that is reminiscent of those childhood classics like Worms while adding our own sense of fun and a strong focus on progression and exploration.”

If you are interested in checking out the game it is available right now! You can find it on the Broken Ground Steam page for great price of free!