Lake Ridden

Lake Ridden is more Myst than Minecraft

Team that includes Ex-Mojang devs say their new game was inspired by walking simulators.

We recently caught up with Swedish indie game developers, Midnight Hub at EGX Rezzed to discuss their game, Lake Ridden. The team has quite an illustrious background coming from studios such as Mojang, Paradox, Tarsier and Massive and hope to bring that combined industry knowledge to their new project.

But, as the team pointed out, their new game is nothing like anything they’ve worked on previously, they’re trying something different. Art Director Erik Nilsson describes it as ‘like the Vanishing of Ethan Carter mixed with Myst’ in that it will have heavy narration and a lot of puzzles.

The bar appears to be set reasonably high in terms of the challenge the game’s obstacles present. The puzzles are very much interwoven into the narrative with the story unfolding further as you explore the environment and overcome its barriers. So, don’t expect much hand-holding, there’s a certain level of expectation with game’s in this genre that you will find your own way, whether that be through exploration or trial and error.

“We wanted to make an experience for people like us, that has a job, that doesn’t have time and want a quality experience when they get home that they can compete in a few hours” Nilsson told TIGW.

One thing that does stand out about Lake Ridden is its stylised art style, especially for an indie game. There’s a triple-I quality here that sees you traversing detailed and vibrant landscapes as you unravel its quiet, thoughtful puzzles.

Lake Ridden is set to release some time in mid-May on Steam and GoG.

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