Cat Simulator Max&Maya announced

Design your own cat and save your other half with meow-magic.

Max&Maya is the new realistic cat RPG with a focus on quests, skill boosting, fights, and story line over imitation of cat’s everyday routine, such as eating and napping. Nevertheless, your cat character has certain needs that influence its parameters and have to be filled. The key feature of the game is meow-magic — a voice-based cast of skills and abilities. The next door chimichanga man brought an end to the world. People turned into zombies, and the world now belongs to cats and dogs, fighting for fleas. That’s right. Fleas are the new world currency. And you’re a cat.

There are plenty of customisation options in the game, allowing you to create your own cat with it’s own perks. Your aim in the game is rescue your other half, somewhere in the large game world, using meow-magic, casting spells over a microphone, of course.

Max&Maya devs OMG Studios recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the game, with a target of £52,300. Backers pledging a minimum £10 / $15 will receive a Steam key on release, as well as an HD wallpaper and the original soundtrack. You can add Max&Maya to your Steam wish list now ahead of the release expected in spring this year.