Strategy PvP Hex Gambit out on Early Access

American indie studio One Man Left raised almost $15,000 through their Kickstarter campaign. 

Two-men Alabama and Georgia based indie studio One Man Left announced today the release of their newest game, Hex Gambit, through Steam’s Early Access after raising almost $15,000 on their Kickstarter campaign back in 2017. Adam Stewart and Alex Okafor have been responsible for titles like Space Food Truck and Outwitters.

Hex Gambit is a PvP strategy game that puts players in command of a small army of adorable units on a hex-shaped arena, combining elements of games like chess and traditional turned-based strategy combat games. Early Access players will enjoy a 10% discount price before it launches onto PC and Nintendo Switch.

Hex Gambit

As stated in Hex Gambit’s latest press release, the game features the following:

Early Access:

  • Test your mettle online in 1v1, or join a friend for 2v2 co-op
  • Six unlockable captains
  • Choose a faction and join our community-wide turf war: the Apex Cup
  • Transition seamlessly between real-time and asynchronous play online

Added in the coming months:

  • Two more minions: the Sniper and Pacifist
  • Select a captain and five minion classes to craft your personal playstyle. Tons of ways to combine moves and characters!
  • Have a game night with couch multiplayer
  • Tackle our single player challenge mode: the Blitz Royale

Hex Gambit

Hex Gambit allows players to choose a faction to fight for through its competitive format that allows units to step on rival units’ heads in order to navigate through the map, making for more versatile options and less restricted gameplay.

Each match will begin with players choosing 5 units from a pool of different characters with unique abilities, as well as a captain, which will define the team’s style and overall strategy. Victory Points are awarded for minion kills, and for each time you can “tap” a crystal pillar on the hostile side of the map. First to 10VP wins.

“The heart of Hex Gambit is our competitive league play, the Apex Cup. Each month, all of Hex Gambit’s players choose a faction and face off in a community-wide turf war. Points you earn in league matches, win or lose, help your team seize territory on the Summit. Trophies are awarded to all members of the winning faction each season, and to the top performers on each team.”, explained One Man Left.

The game is available as of today through Steam’s Early Access and its Nintendo Switch version will arrive with its definitive build.