State of Mind now available for pre-order

Daedalic Entertainment’s futuristic 3D Thriller’s release date is in sight.


From makers of the popular The Pillars of the Earth comes a new venture into science fiction, State of Mind. This futuristic 3D thriller is now available to pre-order and is due for release in the summer of 2018.

Set in Berlin in 2048, we play as Richard Nolan, one of the few journalists openly criticising the increasing development of AI, big data and fully digitalized daily life in his low-poly world. This is an Earth stretched to the limit; with a lack of resources and the increasing presence of illnesses caused by polluted air and water, governments and companies look to technology to try and solve humanities problems – a solution that any sci-fi fan knows is a recipe for some pure dystopian disaster.

With large questions about transhumanism, identity and the future of humanity being posed, State of Mind looks to be an exciting and thrilling drama, all packed into 15 hours of engaging gameplay.

You can pre-order State of Mind on Steam now in time for its release, priced at £25.99/$29.99/€26.99.