Iratus: Lord of the Dead announces Kickstarter

Pledge your allegiance to the dark wizard Iratus.

With a shiny new trailer and a kickstarter campaign announced for the beginning of May, Unfrozen Studio’s Iratus: Lord of the Dead is truly alive and kicking.

In the new atmospheric trailer, we get a glimpse of the irate Iratus, foiled in his plans to kill everything by getting killed himself – it’s happened to all of us.  The turn-based, dungeon-crawler RPG, sees you personify Iratus in his quest to destroy everything in his path with the help of his undead army. Once you’ve managed to get massacring hordes of heroes sorted, the player must collect the body parts of their foe to build more denizens of evil – gross.

A scaling difficulty level means that this RPG is not for the faint-hearted; mob-variations and deep tactical elements are sure to keep you on your undead-toes. Will Iratus and his band of merry dead things be able to turn everything to dust? We’ll have to find out in late May, when the Iratus: Lord of the Dead comes to Steam early access.