Hypnospace Outlaw

Hypnospace Outlaw coming to PC, Mac and Linux

This ’90 internet simulator will be available later this year. 

One-man indie studio Tendershoot, run by music composer and games creator Jay Tholen (Dropsy), announced today the upcoming release later this year of his new game, Hypnospace Outlaw. This ’90s internet simulator, based on an altarnate reality, will let players immerse themselves into a vast ocean of nostalgic web content from the early stages of internet.

In Hypnospace Outlaw players will take the role of a Hypnospace Enforcer in a reality where people can surf the internet in their sleep, with the ultimate mission of scouring the net for wrongdoers under the administration of Hypnospace Security Center. From what we’ve been able to see through its trailer, the game makes an incredible effort to recreate the early years of internet with amazing art and animation, taking us back to those bizarre early days.

The game allows players not only to investigate a huge amount of vintage websites, but also to cutomize their own experience by “downloading” a variety of wallpapers, screen savers and helper bots.

Hypnospace Outlaw

“Think of Geocities: The Game, and you’re on the right track.”, says the game’s latest press release, trying to orient us on how to take on the strange nature of Hypnospace Outlaw. “As part of your job as a Hypnospace Enforcer, you’ll be tasked with keeping the internet clear of wrongdoers, with reports and rewards coming direct from the Hypnospace Patrol Department to your inbox.”, it continues.

Amongst the crimes that players will have to report is copyright theft, vandalism and bullying. Players can sign up for the beta version of the game in its Discord channel.

Hypnospace Outlaw will be available for PC, Mac OS and Linux later this year. Anyone interested in finding out more about this game can also visit its Steam page.