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Sailor Cats enters Android Early Access

Fish, upgrade your ship and collect a purrfect crew.

Are you of the opinion that there are already enough games about cats? Well, you’re wrong. Madrid-based Platonic Games have now launched Sailor Cats for Android’s early access program, and its sure to be an addictive mobile adventure.

In this one-tap collection game you must catch enough fish to get materials to build bigger and better fishing boats, rescuing stranded cats along to recruit into your fleet. On your way you can pick up rare treasures and discover new worlds full of interesting creatures to shake a paw at.

Some of Sailor Cat’s key features are:

  • Easy to play – intuitive one-tap controls.
  • Great for kids, moms, grannies, crazy cat ladies and cool dudes alike.
  • 8 different scenarios and boats to upgrade.
  • 150 costumes to dress your cats!
  • 200 nerdy relics inspired by historic objects with a link to Wikipedia (curiosity absolutely did not kill the cat).
  • Unique and stunning cute kawaii graphic style.

Download Sailor Cats now on Google Play.