Trailblazers rushing to PC and consoles next week

This co-op racing game will be also available on Mac OS and Linux. 

Guildford located British indie studio Supergonk announced today the release date for their upcoming fantasy themed racing game Trailblazers. Featuring co-op, single player campaign and online multiplayer game modes, this colourful and pretty good looking new title will be out on May 7th for PC and Playstation 4. It will also have a release for Xbox One and it is planned to be available for Nintendo Switch, Linux and Mac OS.

Trailblazers made an effort in bringing back the local multiplayer experience, allowing for friends to play together through a split screen like in the good old days. This racing game focuses on the co-op experience by having added some features that make it a thrilling experience when played that way. Players can paint the race track with different powerups in order to leave high-speed trails for their teammates to take advantage of.


Trailblazers also features a cast of cartoonish characters that range from humans to androids and ailens, and a wide selection of hover cars, each with different perks and tricks to be used on the race track and hiding their true potential through progress-based unlockable treats.

Supergonk listed their game’s features as follows:

  • A larger-than-life cast of drivers, including humans, aliens and psychotic robots!
  • Drive a selection of different high-speed hover cars, each with unique stats and performance characteristics
  • Join up with your friends in local multiplayer, or take it to online matchmaking with full split-screen support!
  • Play through a series of unique chapters of single player Story Mode, each with a distinct series of asymmetrical objectives to complete
  • Experience a pulse-pounding licensed soundtrack featuring awesome Future Funk tracks from indie artists.

Trailblazers will launch on May 7th for PC and Playstation 4, with a later release in Xbox One.