Knight Club

Knight Club coming in next monthly Humble Bundle

Play with up to three friends in the new platform fighting game.

Knight Club is a two to four player action platform-fighting game that brings traditional fighting game elements into an unlocked, free form movement playstyle. Equip your favorite armaments and do battle against your friends locally or online. Compete with your friends in classic Versus Mode, rumble for glory in Royalty, tussle for territory in King of the Hill, or get loose and pass the controller in Party Mode.

Rooted in traditional fighting game mechanics, Knight Club aims to bring a unique experience to the platform-fighting game genre. With no ring outs, players will be locked in combat with their opponents until one Knight is left standing. Designed as a competitive game, Knight Club has a ton of mechanical depth and nuance despite its simple controls.

Choose from nine playable Knights such as the virtuous Penelope, the loveable idiot Horace, or the dexterous amphibian Gil. Wield one of four different weapons, each with its own unique moveset and playstyle. Traverse nine unique stages from the tops of ancient overgrown castle ruins, to the depths of a blistering volcano workshop.

Knight Club will be launching in the next monthly Humble Bundle on the 4th of May.